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Who are we?

Our goal is to create a respectful, safe, and undeniably amazing atmosphere in which our events take place. While we are primarily based out of Reno we will be working with artists and venues from all over the country . B.A.D. Productions is a team that others can join and rely on as we create these working relationships.


We are so excited to show the community what we have in store, and the love we have for the surrounding areas. 


Come see what we are all about.


B.A.D. Philosophy

We hold B.A.D. Productions to a very high standard and expect the public to hold that same level. We do it right the first time. 

We are professional, we are respectful, and we throw some of the most quality parties around.

B.A.D Production events will ALWAYS blow our mind.


Come experience a B.A.D. night with the newest in town.


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